Jun 27, 2015

How to Abort a Scheduled / Queued Apex Job by Name


For the advanced salesforce developers out there.... in the past (before Winter 14 release) there was no way to query for a Scheduled, Future, or Batch job by the name that was given to it. You had to track the ID of the job as the job was being created and store this into a custom object or setting for future reference.

Thanks to a feature from Winter 14 which stemmed from this idea, you can easily query the CronTrigger object filtered by the job name.  Remember to increase your API version in your class if this does not work.

Now we can query for the apex job by name and perform a system.abortjob with confidence that we have the correct job.

Here is a nice block of code that can be used in your application or something to keep handy for an Execute Anyonymous situation.