Sep 4, 2012

Apex Testing Session at Dreamforce 2012

One of the sessions I am leading at Dreamforce 2012 is about Apex testing. A fellow PhillyForce leader Matthew Botos came up with the idea for the session, but he ended up not being able to go, so now Wes Nolte and I are going to present the session. The session discusses a typical mini project that many of us have come across in the past, and provide a few tips to improve your testing code. The session has some really useful information and will introduce a couple of great tools that you can keep in your toolbox.

We are going to cover three topics:
  • Automation of test data creation with SmartFactory.
  • Implementing web callouts with an interface to improve testing. 
  • Continuous integration with automated test runs. 

Here is the official Dreamforce session info:

Top Testing Tips: Data Creation, Web Callouts, and Automation
When: Tuesday, September 18th: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: Moscone Center West, 2024
Description: Take your Apex code testing to the next level with sample code and open source libraries that make these advanced topics easy. Save time with SmartFactory, which automatically creates complex test data for tests isolated from your regular data. Learn how to test web callouts cleanly and completely using interfaces and mocks. Finally, make sure all your team's tests run regularly with native automation that takes a fraction of the time of full continuous integration.

Here is where you can follow this session on Chatter.