May 8, 2013

Download Our Chrome Extension: Admin Assistant

Our Admin Assistant extension provides administrators (and developers!) with additional time-saving tools and settings shortcuts to facilitate the day to day functions and responsibilities they may be faced with.

If you attended the PhillyForce meetup during Philly Tech Week, you may have seen my session on my Salesforce Chrome Extensions.  If you didn't, check out the recorded demo of that session at the bottom of this post.

As user, have you ever had the feeling that "there should be an easier way" or have stared at a long list of check boxes and thought, "I have to do this for every one of these?"  These are the reasons I created the Admin Assistant extension.

Here's a subset of the features included in Admin Assistant v1.0:

Mass Delete:  On List Views, you often have a series of records with checkboxes next to them.  Natively, there is no "Delete" option that will wipe out the selected records with one click.  This feature will delete any of the selected records.

Maybe you're testing a new piece of Apex code or building out a new workflow that generates a lot of junk records.  How many times have you wanted to delete a few of these records and been in this situation?

Deleting each of the four Contact records above would require you to click on the "Del" link on each row, confirm that you want to delete the record, rinse, and then repeat multiple times.

Show Max Results:  Show Max - on pages that list schema components like workflow rules, actions, and email templates, there is often a "Show More" link.  This feature displays a maximum number of the possible results on one page with one click.

Chatter Chat:  If Chatter is enabled in your org, a floating "Chat Window" appears in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  This can be turned on or off.

Various Profile Settings:  At the field level, check or uncheck all of the "Visible" or "Read-Only" boxes.  At the Object level, check or uncheck all of the CRUD/View All/Modify All boxes.  For Tabs, quickly display or hide all Salesforce tabs.


Here's the demonstration from our Philly Tech Week '13 PhillyForce Meetup:

Download it here:
Admin Assistant in the Chrome Web Store
Admin Assistant on the AppExchange